Discovery Bay Community: Lost and Found! This is a story of a lucky guinea pig, Blue, who found her way home! Blue was found by a passer-by’s dog one afternoon, after escaping from home. She was hiding in the bushes near a road. After finding Blue, the kind passer by noticed that she had a large infected wound, and immediately brought her to the Discovery Bay South Plaza clinic for help. Blue’s wound appeared to be a few days old, and in addition to becoming infected, had also succumbed to flystrike (filled with maggots). It was clear that she needed immediate medical attention to prevent the infection from worsening. Under the care of Dr Joanne Harries and nurse Mary, Blue was scheduled for urgent surgery that evening. She underwent a general anaesthetic and her wound was carefully cleaned, all the maggots individually removed, and the dead skin and muscle cut away to allow the wound to heal. However, this wasn’t the end of her treatment just yet: Blue continued to receive daily bandage changes at the DB South Plaza clinic for a further fortnight, along with antibiotics, pain killers and nutritious food to keep up her energy! During her recovery, Blue never gave up. Her fighting spirit and will to survive, coupled with the dedication and care from Dr Joanne and all the staff at the DB clinic helped her to regain her health and energy. Her family were relieved and happy to have her home, and she will not be escaping again any time soon! 愉景灣社區 : 失而復得 這是一隻名叫 Blue 的迷路天竺鼠,如何幾經艱辛,最後與家人團聚之故事。一天下午,有心人在山邊發現瑟縮在草叢間的Blue,並留意到她身上有個很大的傷口,便立即帶她到位於愉景灣南廣場的離島獸醫診所尋求援助。 診所當時繁忙得很,但Dr. Joanne Harries 仍為Blue作即時診斷,Blue 的傷口已有好幾天,並受感染及傷口下隱藏了不少蛆蟲。 所以醫護人員當晚決定即為Blue 進行緊急手術,以防止情況惡化。 Dr. Joanne 與護士姑娘Mary 替Blue 做了全身麻醉,在手術時細心地清洗傷口,逐一拿走蛆蟲,切除壞死皮膚與肌肉組織,以便傷口癒合。但這並非治療的全部 : 往後的十四天, 離島獸醫服務的醫護人員每天悉心地為Blue 更換繃帶,餵食抗生素、止痛藥等, 當然也少不了有餵飼有營養的食物,讓她康復! 在康復期間, Blue 展現了不放棄及頑強的生存鬥志,加上Dr. Joanne Harries 和離島獸醫服務全體醫護人員的悉心照料,讓Blue 康復神速。她最後與家人團聚,失而復得令家人感到欣喜萬分,而Blue 也乖乖的不會再離家出走了! #DoctorsBeckandStone #discoverybayhk #amazingpetstory #animalsurvival #petsurvival #拯救小動物 #保護遺棄動物 #hkhamster