tl;dr - Hash rosin is great but expensive. $85 after a 10% discount. The live badder is also great, but I need more experience with it. It was $55 with a 35% discount. I love hash. Enjoy the picture. ​ I was hoping to make it to the Emerald cup to get some cheaper stuff, but that didn't pan out. The hash rosin I got at a dispensary in sacramento (all about wellness). They routinely (every 3 months and on first visit) give you a card that will give you 10% off your whole purchase. It was $85 and some change out the door for a gram. It should be noted that CA now has a ridiculous 25% tax on cannabis. It's a strain of persy hash rosin from 710 labs that i've had before and really enjoyed so I got another one. The hash rosin taste is really unique in my life. I haven't had a lot of solventless that is on this level. It's extremely light and easy on the body. The terps are that of, well, some dank ass herb. It's not fruity or sweet at all. But does have a hint of spice on the back end. This company is one of my favorites. If you follow them on instagram they provide a LOT of good information and some BTS stuff that's interesting content. They grow this herb indoor in oakland and then after a manicure they freeze it and then turn the fresh buds into water hash (90u) in a chilled room. Then it's freeze dried and pressed into rosin. IDK what temperature they press it at, but it's producing a great product (though I do wish it had a little more of a punch in the terp department). ​ The second one pictured is a Biesel x White Tahoe Cookies bho live resin badder. It's drastically different. Two strains (in one) that I've never encountered before. I purchased this one today at Northstar in Sacramento for $55 and some change for a gram. This would have been something like $75 but Northstar is the shit. Every Sunday from 9 am to 10 am they have a volunteer for a discount program. They hand out donuts and coffee for volunteers. The deal is they provide you with a little grabber thing, trash bag(s), and gloves and you go pick up trash in the neighborhood for the aforementioned hour. Then you get a 35% discount off your entire purchase, which is fuckin massive. This badder is hard to characterize. I need to try more of it to get a better opinion of it. I'm a bit of a lightweight with dabs and usually take them as small as i can. The rig I use is a Maverick labeled rig I bought 5 years ago for like $120. I've got a dc glass 20 mm quartz banger on it with a dnail set at 570 most of the time. I'd like to increase this to a larger size. My roommate has a 30 mm toro banger with a dnail too. It's a much better dab. Though I think it could be better with some tiny quartz balls. or is that some kind of instamarketing bullshit? Anyone have experience with those? Lastly, I'll just say, I'm new here and it seems like a fine community. If anyone is wondering - I post a lot of the $ and location information and will often ask for it when someone posts a picture of some fire concentrate. The prices around here seem to be quite variable. I mean, for these two I paid $140 for, but there are several places around here that would have charges $110-120 for the hash rosin and $70-85 for the badder. It could have been a purchase of 200 out the door (and after our GD 25% tax). It's really hard being an informed consumer of this stuff when you are outside of the industry. Hope this helps.